Green Week

Everyone is still talking about the global crisis which affects the economy, the bad management of the banks, the mortgages and the lack of work. Happily in this global catastrophe, the people have gone out on the streets to take over their own destiny, and thousands of groups of outraged people from around the world, from Cairo to New York, have let us all know that the system is obsolete, that itts time to reconsider that democracy as an axis of capitalism, that the governments controlled by ever-authoritative military powers and that the impunity of some politicians and companies cannot go any further.


There is a crisis just as alarming as the economical one, the one of natural resources in the world and the great harm that it is causing the Earth after too many years of indiscriminate extraction of natural resources. Deforestation, the disappearance of species, areas and communities destroyed by the extraction of minerals, water contamination and contamination by nuclear waste are just some of the great calamities that the planet is facing. Unfortunately, many of these harms are the result of the abuses made by private companies who, in the long term, aren’t penalized by the national or local governments who, instead, due to their political and, especially, economic interests, turn the page in everyone‘s face.
There are however various organizations on a local and international level who are in charge of taking care of nature and to denounce these atrocities. In the same way, itt‘s important that the food producers are aware of new ways to produce without harming the environment. There are many small and big companies that, today, are more aware on the production of food in an ecologic way.
And so, Grüne Woche, Green Week in English, is an international event in Berlin as well as an 80 year old tradition. During this week, the public, companies, organizations and producers, all related to agriculture and horticulture, as well as other products such as wines, cheeses, meats, bread and ecological bio-products, gather in an intense week where the food markets are discussed, where business exchange is possible, as well as raising awareness on the current situation regarding the food production in Europe. With representatives from around the world who carry out talks, seminars, conferences from political authorities and a lot of fun involved in sampling wine and other foods, Grüne Woche is definitely a place where you can meet people who are interested in the most select products and the most recent techniques in sustainable production. Recommended for all people of all ages. For more information on the event, tickets and timetables, visit the official webpage: Green Week/

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