Winter in Berlin

Januar 2015
Enjoying Winter in Berlin

Winter in Berlin is almost mythical, as many reject it, hate it, and they say so many negative things about winter in this great city. And it´s not just that the low temperatures and snow are some of the reasons why the Berlin winter feels so raw, but also the disappearance of light and the light gray skies that are usually constant during the colder months of the year. As is well known, in Berlin cultural activities do not end during these months, and there are many alternatives for your fun during your stay in this city. Of course, most options are outdoors, nevertheless they are an important incentive to learn about the German capital.




For example, nothing is better than spending days and whole afternoons in the museums the city as well as its long list of galleries available. We recommend national museums, mostly located in the center of Berlin, in the popular Museum Island. We recommend the Pergamon Museum. If you love contemporary art, the Hamburger Bahnhof has Europe´s most important collections of modern and contemporary art. Very close to the museum, an interesting gallery district also awaits . Checkpoint Charlie is just another museum located in what was once the separation between East Berlin and West Berlin, and recounts the contradictions of the forgotten Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

International food

If you think the city will lack a place to enjoy delicious international cuisine you´re wrong. In Berlin you can find food from all continents and the best prices, the winter is the best season to eat calorie-laden treats. In its most popular districts like Friedrichstein, Mitte and Kreuzberg, your options range from Mediterranean cuisine, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, among many others. Of course, the streets still remain with classics vendors of kebabs, chips and currywurst, a classic dish of Berlin.

Public transport

Public transport in Berlin operates in an extremely orderly and timely way. You to party any night of the week, no matter how cold it is, you have a schedule of all the night buses that the city offers, you´ll go home without any problems. Of course, every day taxis are also available. Needless to say we recommend you leave home well prepared for the cold and have a good functional stove or heater to avoid the possibility of very cold nights.

Also, a balanced diet high in calories you will be favorable. That winter is no reason for you to stay at home. Berlin offers you many attractions throughout the year. For more information, visit the following website:

Looking to rent accommodation in Berlin apartments and enjoy this important city. Winter is not reason to stop visiting the German capital. In Berlin action continues during all four seasons.

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